Lightspeed Champion

January 10, 2011

^This is starting. >This is ending.

A few weeks ago I read an interview with Dev Hynes, A.K.A Lightspeed Champion. A few weeks ago I felt a bit shit when I read that last year’s “Life is sweet! Nice to meet you” is going to be the final offering under the Lightspeed Champion moniker… Devastating news for someone who still has 2008’s “Falling of the Lavender Bridge” on high rotation, which is big props considering my attention span. From the 30 second Number One to Midnight Surprise coming in just under 10 minutes and everything in between, (including  mid-song time signature changes, folk ballads, ripping guitar solos) Lavender Bridge sounds like an incoherent mess. On paper that is.

In the meantime, while Lavender Bridge keeps playing ( yes, I am ignoring Life is sweet… but it just didn’t do it for me) I’m going to be hanging out for the Blood Orange release that’s due out this year…

Blood Orange – Myspace

Midnight Surprise


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